LinkedIn Poll: Understanding negotiation priorities in core deals

RECAP: Last week, I ran a poll seeking insights on key components in a core contract. A big thank you to everyone who participated, including vendors and community bankers. Your insights are immensely valuable—thank you! “It’s called an agreement because it’s mutually beneficial to both parties”, as one mentor used to emphasize. Another often reminded…

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🌟 Introducing Icebreaker Insights: Supplier Spotlight Series! 🌐

We Build Relationships on blackboard

In our ongoing commitment to empower community banks, we’re thrilled to introduce a series dedicated to illuminating potential business partnerships. Icebreaker Insights: Supplier Spotlight Series—a platform designed to educate and connect bankers with top-tier suppliers and integration partners in the market. Our purpose in this series is clear: to serve as your information hub, guiding…

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