Reflecting on 2023: Achievements, Milestones, and Growth

In 2020, I founded ICEBERG FS as a self-funded consulting firm with a dedicated mission to help community bankers redirect their focus towards community building rather than vendor management. 2023 marked significant milestones as we partnered with six community banks with average assets of $242m and grew to a dedicated team of five, committed to prioritizing excellence in service for you.

Whether your data processor is ASI, CSI, DCI, Finastra, FIS, Fiserv, IBT, JHA, MBS, Shazam, UFS, or others, our comprehensive understanding covers them all. What truly matters is grasping your needs, a journey that begins with a complimentary assessment requiring a few hours of your time over a month.

Scheduling a free assessment 36 months before your maturity date is an optimal opportunity. We refrain from dictating your business strategy, as your insights are invaluable to uncover unique leverage you won't receive working with our competitors. Our process and our pricing structure is preferred by bankers, whether you hire us behind the scenes or as frontline negotiators.

Our priority is building trust, rooted in meeting your needs. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to understanding you, and we're eager to demonstrate this commitment. We have excelled across the three main areas vendors interact with community bankers: Customer Service, Projects and Implementations, and Sales and Account Management, with an average tenure serving community banks of 15 years.

We're excited about the strides we've made in 2023, and we're eager to continue this journey with you. As we look ahead to 2024, we see opportunities for growth, collaboration, and shared success. ICEBERG FS is ready to partner with you on your next vendor contract or project. Let's build a future together. Contact us to explore the possibilities.



Todd Morgan
Founder & Owner

Introducing ICEBERG FS

πŸš€ Introducing ICEBERG FS πŸš€
πŸ” Core – Debit – Digital – IT
πŸ“Š Evaluations | Renewals | Contract Negotiations
πŸš€ Project & Vendor Management | πŸ’Ό Leadership & Development

Exciting news! I'm thrilled to announce the launch of ICEBERG FS, your Core and IT Consulting partner. We understand that managing supplier relationships can be complex and time-consuming, with your critical Core, Debit, Digital, and IT contracts shaping your business for years to come.

In today's competitive business landscape, avoiding costly mistakes is crucial. ICEBERG FS is here to help you save both time and money during your contract negotiations, allowing you to reinvest in your bank and communities. Our mission is clear: to help community bankers stay focused on what truly matters – building communities.

Our proven method ensures informed decision-making at a fair price, with recommendations that speak for themselves. We're eager to connect with you and offer a complimentary assessment to explore whether our partnership makes sense.

At ICEBERG FS, We Help You See What Others Won’t. Let's navigate the path to success together!


Todd Morgan
Founder & Owner